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SOL Review
Tone and Mood Review
Reading Terms to Know
SOL Practice Items-Go to the bottom section of the page labeled "Reading Practice Items" and select link for 6th grade "Practice Items."

Reading Comprehension Skills


Other Web Resources

International Baccalaureate Course

Tech Websites
  • Fav7
  • Prezi-An alternative to Power Point
  • a fakebook page for class, among other items
  • StudyStacks-An online way to study with flashcards and games
  • Scriblink-An online whiteboard
  • SlideRocket-Another alternative to PowerPoint
  • GoAnimate-An animated way to show your learning!
  • Pixton-Create comics for your assignments
  • iCreate-Another great animation site; uses stop-motion animation!!
  • Glogster-Create a poster or website to showcase your ideas and learning.
  • EdCanvas-Similar to Glogster, with a different feel
  • Smore-Like Glogster, but another option.
  • Screencast-o-matic-Capture image and video screenshots so you can teach and inform others
  • Wordle-Manipulate words to unique shapes
  • Tagxedo-Like Wordle, but better!
  • Graphwords- You type a word into the search box and it provides a web of related words. Especially useful if you tend to use the same word repeatedly.
  • 60SecondRecap-A 60 second review on a variety of ELA related topics like theme, symbolism, protagonists, etc. You can also hear and record your own book trailers!
  • Animoto-Create a photo/music slideshow
  • PaperSlide- a cool low-tech way to show what you've learned using your voice, a camera, and paper.

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English Games!

ELA Videos

Random Cool Videos That Somehow Relate to English Class

Book Trailers



Career Research Websites


Oral History Links

Genius Hour